Research Center

3D Printing Lab

The new Roland monoFab ARM-10 rapid prototyping 3D printer makes creating 3D models as easy as hitting print. The ARM-10’s layered projection system uses resin material which hardens into a semi-transparent object when exposed to UV light.

Conference Room

Dimension Calibration

From length measurement calibration of instruments such as micrometers, calipers, gages or tape measures, to high-tech optics-based scales and comparators, our industry leading dimensional instrument calibration capabilities are designed to reduce risk and inaccuracy in your measurements.

Temperature Testing and Calibration Lab

Temperture Testing and calibration lab is used to calibrate Temperature related Field instrument like RTD , thermocouple etc.

Work Station Area

This is the Research centre work station area the engineers and technicians will sit and work.

Temperature Measuring Instrument

These are field instruments like RTD, Thermocouple which are used to measure current temperature of any process Industry.

Instrumentation and Automation Lab

Instrumentation lab is to demonstrate experiment like Water Level & flow control experiment , Ph control experiment using SCADA and PLC systems.

Lab Entrance

Ph Experiment

This experiment is to demonstrate to maintain ph level of water by adding acid or alkaline and to read the ph level from ph sensor.

Pressure Testing and Calibration Lab

Pressure Testing and Calibration lab is used to calibrate Pressure related Field instrument like analog pressure gauge ,Digital pressure gauge , and vacuum related equipment.

Dead Weight Tester

This is the Dead weight tester which calibrate analog as well as digital pressure gauge, its e.g 1 to 700 bar.

SCADA Screen

This is the Main screen designed in SCADA system to demonstrate experiment like water level & flow control experiment , which is used to control field instruments and visualize real time data.